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I <3 you, Michael Patrick Wilson

Vacation is lovely.

My Will baby came over this afternoon for lunch. The look on his face when I opened the stove and he saw this huge homemade chicken parm sub waiting for him was priceless. HAHA, like his eyes just BULGED out, and I was like "Well, Mike, did you think I wouldn't go all out?" I literally used an entire loaf of Italian bread for his sub, haha. And he was a good boy and ate the WHOLE thing...I of course could only eat one slice of chicken parm, no bread. Someone has to maintain her girlish figure :)

Later we went upstairs to watch Big Fish, all snuggly with the bunny he got me. The rest....welllllll, I won't kiss and tell.

But we did go out for French Vanilla coffee mixed with good. He had to go eventually though, and finish laundry. Heehee, you gotta love when men get domestic.

Love you, Will baby <333
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